Four (Cat, Petz 5, non-OW)

Based on Four from Battle for Dream Island! Comes in a few different eye and eyelid variations, but if you crave canon accuracy, I have a canon accurate .pet file for download as well!

Breed Download

Canon-Accurate Pet Download

Archeanthostoma (Cat, Petz 5, non-OW)

The Archeanthostoma from Biblaridion's Spec Evo series, Alien Biospheres!

Breed Download

Pone (Dog, Petz 5, non-OW)

Base for a pony, intended for MLP ponies. Feel free to turn it into any pony you like! Anonfilly is also downloadable as an example.

Breed Download

Anonfilly Pet Download


OW Sonar

A tool to identify breedz based on hashes! Only has a few breedz in it's database at the moment, and likely will never have every breed, but very helpful if you have a habit of mixing up OWs and file versions! Might have it's own page in the future.

To update to a new version, replace the files in the OW Sonar folder with the updated files.

Requires Python 3.

V1 Install (Download if installing for the first time)

Music Box Songs

Acid Plant Medicine

Part of a song called Acid Plant Medicine, converted into a perfect loop for the music box! It's from the OST of a web cartoon called BFDI/BFB, but it sounds a LOT like an Undertale or Deltarune song, and it's a total bop, so I highly recommend it!

WAV Download

Perfect Nothing

Perfect loop (heh) of Perfect Nothing by GHOST!

WAV Download

Back 2 Back

Struggled to get this one to sound good, but two different loops of Back 2 Back from Sonic Rush!

WAV 1 Download

WAV 2 Download